In an earlier post, I mentioned that some freelancers offer referral incentives and a few people asked more about this. I dont have a formalized referral bonus program, though Im likely to send you a nice card, maybe even an Amazon gift certificate if you refer me to a great new client. Ive given and gotten plenty of referrals but never given or gotten an official bonus or incentive communication development research insights

Personally, I think you should refer people to one another because you believe in them and want to bring people together, not because you want your $500 or whatever the case may be. (Some people do a lump sum referral bonus once certain conditions are met, others give a percentage of the project to the referrer.)

But maybe Im missing something. Maybe youre a freelancer or a small business owner whos used a referral bonus program to turbo charge your business? Or maybe youve gotten burned by this arrangement? Either way, Id love to hear your thoughts on the topic!

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