How to submit research highlights

id21 welcomes material from UK-based researchers for inclusion on our web-site. Please note that the following stylesheet must be followed when submitting draft research highlights to id21. We also suggest you refer to our editorial policy.

If you wish to submit material to us, or if you wish to find out more about research highlights, please contact:

Sally Gainsbury (Acting Senior Editor)



The Institute of Development Studies
University of Sussex


+44 (0) 1273 678787


+44 (0) 1273 877335


Format and length

id21 highlights should be no more than 500 words long, marshalled into five standard elements. Minor variations are no problem but the text should be kept within a consistent order. The word guideline applies to the body text only – the title, addresses and other annexes are extra.

  1. An arresting informative headline of no more than 12 words.
  2. Introductory paragraph of around 50 words explaining the key idea and gist of the research. Set the scene, make it interesting, ask questions that will be answered in the rest of the highlight. Use a punchy, up beat style.
  3. Subsequent paragraphs (3-4): include name of institution doing the research. Give further information and details about the research if necessary. Only describe methodology if essential to understanding findings. Flesh out the details of the first paragraph and add more information if necessary 100-250 words.
  4. Bulleted list of no more than 6 research findings, 2-3 lines each, c. 100 words.
  5. Bulleted list of no more than 6 key policy lessons/implications 2-3 lines each, c. 100 words.


Insights articles are written in an up-beat journalistic style, without compromising academic integrity, to appeal to a non-specialist, non-academic southern audience, so please avoid:

  • Unexplained or needless jargon or terms that will mislead second-language English users
  • Long wordy sentences and over long paragraphs
  • Bibliographic citations, superscripts, subscripts, footnotes, other bolt-on elements


Please include as annexes, in the following order and using the bold words as headings (no colons after each)

  • Contributor(s) Full names of main research providers
  • Sources (up to three) sources of original documentation on which the article is based
  • Further information Name and address of main contact plus Tel / Fax / Email 
  • Funded by the funding source(s) of research study
  • Keywords separated by + (e.g. trade + finance + globalisation)
  • Regions – specific countries and/or regions discussed in the report – if they are not referred to leave blank – again separated by +

Further conventions

  • bullet points aligned with the margin, not indented
  • % is written as percent
  • no full stop at end of citation which is written in following order: title / publication details / author(s) / date e.g. ‘Environmental management’ Environment and Urbanisation: Sustainable Cities Revisited III, 12/2, IIED: Buenos Aires by H. Santos, 2000
  • acronyms: use after the full term has been first used (not necessary to put in brackets as well) no capital letter at beginning of regional words such as north/south/southern etc e.g. southern Africa or the south
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