About id21

What Is ID21?

Just what is ID21 exactly?

ID21 is a reporting service that focuses on research. Its focus is to be an integral part of the overall process by helping put international development policies into actual practice. By offering summarizations of the latest development research from the United Kingdom, ID21 is enhancing communication of many research findings, which helps make specific policy recommendations to those around the globe that make such decision. ID21 is here to highlight recent findings in research and newly discovered policy lessons surrounding primary development issues, and does so through media, print, and email.

What specifically is provided by ID21?

  • Free online access to a searchable database with more than 2000 highlights of recent research from developing countries involving natural resources, health, education, social matters, and educational initiatives.
  • The cumulative knowledge of more than 500 institutes, voluntary sector researchers, private consultants, and university research departments
  • Single-page research highlights free of jargon and partisan positioning that are easy and quick to read in basic language.
  • Contact information like fax numbers, telephone numbers, email addresses, hyperlinks, and facts about source material to establish the flow of advice and knowledge from researchers to research users.

What subjects are covered by ID21?
There are currently four programs of thematic dissemination: Urban Poverty; Health; Education; and Society & Economy. Of course, the overall aim is providing a representative selection of various developmental research across many different sectors. The specific selection process is overseen by a number of academic advisors, and all the entries are seen and then approved by hand-chosen research authors. Souce materials range from

peer-reviewed publications and conferences to working papers and pre-publication or ‘grey’ materials.

Typical exclusions might be work more than two years old, highly theoretical studies, institutional position or policy statements, and literature reviews.

ID21 has research highlights on the following subjects:
Health economics; democracy; governance; trade; gender; urbanization; soils; labor; violence; safety; livelihoods; sanitation; transportation; tenure; shelter; community participation; civil society; information technology; communications technology; women’s education; girls’ education; primary education; teacher training; health education; private sector; housing; land; energy; water; waste management; food security; crime; agriculture; natural resources management; climate; poverty; ethnicity; investment; law, human rights.

id21 can be contacted at:


The Institute of Development Studies
University of Sussex

Tel: +44 (0) 1273 678787
Fax: +44 (0) 1273 877335

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