Editorial policy

id21 editorial policy

Research highlights and Insights articles are written, produced and edited by the id21 editorial team. A total of approximately 30 new highlights are added to the database each month. Academic and NGO research papers, articles, or books can be submitted to the editorial team at any time for possible inclusion on id21. Given that resources are finite, our aim is to provide a representative selection of development research across the sectors.

To be considered for inclusion on id21, the research needs to be:

  • up-to-date, interesting, cutting edge, adding new ideas to current debates
  • recently published, no more than 2 years old
  • primary, evidence-based, with concrete and practical findings
  • policy-oriented with practical solutions for policy-makers and development practitioners
  • from UK research centres, institutes, and university departments, NGOs, consultants, southern research with a UK link

Insights established 1990

Insights is published in print and online 6 times a year. Offering a cross-section of policy-relevant research findings, Insights is aimed at development policy makers, professionals and other stakeholders who need to keep up to date on global development issues. To be considered for Insights, research findings must satisfy the conditions listed above. In addition:

  • Insights is a six-page quarterly round up of the very latest research on a particular issue
  • Insights aims to push the boundaries of policy debate and reflects current critical thinking on particular, sometimes controversial issues.
  • Insights is ‘editorialised’: the guest editor (a leading researcher in the chosen field) provides an overview and his/her viewpoint of the chosen topic.
  • Insights has a global print circulation of 10,000

You can subscribe to the free print edition of Insights by sending your name and postal address to:

Institute of Development Studies
University of Sussex
Email: info@id21.org

+44 (0)1273 877335 

Every effort is made by the id21 editorial team to liaise closely with all contributing authors to ensure they are satisfied with final copy before it appears online. In the unlikely event of any disagreement over content, id21 reserves the right to full editorial control over each contribution. Id21 also reserves the right to refuse to publish articles if necessary. Copyright for Insights articles, including the Insights editorial, remains with individual authors. Copyright for id21 ‘Research Highlights’ remains with id21.

Views expressed on these pages are not necessarily those of DFID, IDS, id21 or other contributing institutions. Unless stated otherwise, articles may be copied or quoted without restriction, provided id21 and originating author(s) and institution(s) are fully acknowledged and informed.

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